Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pop-up Boutique


Date: 3 JANUARY to 8 January 2012

Location: The Cornershop, Craft Central, 21 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DX

Opening Times:

Tue 6-9pm (Preview evening with light refreshments, & filming for new video blog)

Wed-Fri 12-7pm

Sat 12-6pm

Sun 12-4pm

Elisha Francis is creating a pop-up boutique in the heart of Clerkenwell to showcase a selection of her vintage inspired jewellery.

Selected jewellery will feature in the SAMPLE SALE with up to 50% off.
The preview evening on Tuesday will be filmed for the next edition of Elisha's video blogs
So come down, meet the designer, find out about her inspirations and share your views on camera!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Autumn News

This month I have returned to university to start Level 2 of my BA in Jewellery Design.  It has been a challenge adjusting back to student life but I think this term the projects are going to fit in nicely with the business side of things.

I have been given four projects which include, a Goldsmith competition, a batch production project, textiles for jewellers and my last project requires me to look at myself as a brand and think about how my jewellery designs translate to my target customers.

When I think of ELISHA FRANCIS JEWELLERY, I think of vintage glamour mixed with a modern London edge.  I love classic pearls against rich black tones like black onyx and jet swarovski.  
This is evident in my CONTRAST collection and is something which I would love to develop.



Last week I had a meeting with a lovely man called Patrice from a company called Inspirational Ideas who really helped me to re-focus and understand the next steps necessary in progressing as a designer and a business.  Before I met with Patrice, I was feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do for my business and for my degree.  When I am feeling a bit lost I always turn to one of my closest cousins Shaun White who is a music artist and entrepreneur.  He is so focused and driven and so good at making things happen.  He put me in contact with Patrice and it was just what I needed, someone from outside to look at what I am doing and give a good honest advice.

On Saturday the 15th of October it would have been my Grandma Merl's birthday.  She is the woman who inspired my love and passion for the hollywood movies and the glamourous vintage style. And it is so beautiful to know that through my jewellery designs we are still connected.

So I knew Saturday was going to be a wonderful day at Oval market,  everyone was out enjoying the Autumn sun, children were playing in the leaves and it turned out to be my best trading day at the market to-date.  The lovely Cola Bling passed down to pay me a visit and she is such a vibrant character and so lovely to work with.  Last night she wore some of my jewellery to Screen Nation so I am excited to hear all about the event.

So today I feel focused and back in control and very excited to start planning my next steps to success!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Video Blog Part 2



Thursday, 15 September 2011

Video Blog


I have entered the world of youtube and it is a crazy place.
But I have seen some amazing videos on there and I thought it would be a great place to show you a little bit more about myself and what I am doing.

Please check it out and let me now what you think!

A special thank you to everyone who helped put this together, check out their links below.

Photographer: Simon Richardson

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Events and Fairs

The last couple of months I have been booked up at fairs, markets and events trying to raise the ELISHA FRANCIS JEWELLERY brand.
It has been tough, lots of early morning starts to set up my mobile boutique.

But I have to say it's been great, I can see first hand which pieces are the best sellers and get direct feedback from customers.  The Made With Bracelets are a definite favourite and I have introduced  a range using Swarovski pearls which sold out at the Thames Festival which was GREAT!  My Audrey bracelets have also been popular and I have introduced the Audrey Gift Set which make lovely presents.

Now I only have a few weeks left before I go back to university to start my second year of my Jewellery Design BA.  I am looking forward to it but I will be sad to have to slow down on my jewellery business so the next few weeks I will be working flat out to try and do as much filming for my blogs, making pieces to stock up the boutiques and have enough stock for the Christmas season.  

Check out my upcoming events:

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot

My recent photo shoot with photographer Simon Richardson was so much fun and the location provided an excellent backdrop for my vintage inspired theme.

Have a look at some of the photos...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vintage Inspired Photoshoot

The gorgeous models Therese and Gabrielle pose for the camera

Glamorous Gabrielle modeling the NEW Swarovski Headdress and Waterfall Necklace

The amazing Simon Richardson in action

Giving direction on set

I have been planning a vintage inspired photo shoot for the past few months and I am so happy with how it all came together yesterday.  I have always been in love with everything vintage, the Hollywood glamour from icons such as Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, are always a great source of inspiration for my collections.

I wore a 1950s vintage lace dress which I bought from Leftovers at Brixton Village and my gorgeous vintage telephone was a great find from Greenwich antiques market.

I wanted to combined old Hollywood glamour with a new and exciting modern edge. I like to design jewellery that make you feel amazing even if worn with a casual  outfit.  Like Gabrielle's first look which  was layers of pearls and swarovski crystal accessories worn with cut off jeans and converse.

Pearls and Converse

The models Gabrielle and Therese were absolutely amazing and working with my favourite photographer Simon Richardson is always a pleasure.  My cousin Nadiya was assisting on set and I must say she did a fantastic job making sure the whole day ran smoothly.  I also had the opportunity to work with Brandon Palmer from Deli Boy Productions, who caught all the sparkle on film and is putting together a video blog so you can see some of the magic for yourselves.

I can not wait to see the final pictures and share them with you all...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Camberwell Green Farmers Market July 2nd 2011

Today I was at Camberwell Greeen Market selling my jewels. 
The sun was shining and it turned out to be a great day.  There were lots of fresh food on sale at the farmers market and it was a great opportunity to promote and sell my jewellery.

I had a bit of a crazy moment when a bee decided to fly down my dress, I was so surprised at how calm I remained during the episode.  My neighbour Barbara was kind enough to shied me with her scarf whist I disrobed in the middle of the park to get the little bugger out.  
Trust me to pick to wear a dress without a zip- however the little fellow flew out without stinging me which was great and we all had a giggle.

The rest of the day was great, I met a lovely young girl who came and bought some of my jewellery when I was there last month.  As she spotted me today and got her dad to buy her one of my Made With Love Pearl necklaces which she wore straight away which put a smile on my face :)

So I am looking forward to the next event which will be on Saturday the 23rd of July. 
This one is set to be huge, estimated to have approx. 2000+ visitors so I better get to work lol!
They are putting on a special event to celebrate 1 year to go until the olympics, they are putting on live music, events for the kids and even a running track.  

For more info check out: Urban Farmers Market

Friday, 24 June 2011

Camberwell Green Farmers Market


Will have a stall at Camberwell Green Market


Camberwell Green Farmers Market
Camberwell Green
London SE5 7AN

10:00 am - 2:00 pm


 SAT 2nd July

 SAT 23rd July (Special Event)

Farmers Market & Special Olympic Event
'One Year to go'

Organised by SE5 Forum

Closed August

SAT 3 September

SAT 1st October

SAT 5th November

SAT 3rd December


Sunday, 9 January 2011

I Love Peckham

Peckham often appears on the News and in the Newspapers as a town were gun crime is high and 'Gangsters' roam the streets, so I wanted to highlight some of the positive elements of Peckham that hardly get shown in the media and deserve to be recognised.

Peckham has one of the most colourful and busiest libraries in Southwark, designed by Will Alsop from Alsop & Stormer and it received the 2000 Stirling Award for architectural innovation.  It was in this same library that I sourced my first books on jewellery making in August 2003 and taught myself the basic techniques that sparked the beginning of my career.

Peckham is also home to the organisation BBI (Black Business Initiative), who offer a range of support to young people aged between 16-30.  They can help turn your dreams of helping your own business into a reality with the help of a test grant of up to £1000.  I went to BBI when I started my business and they awarded me with a test grant of £750, which was a great stepping stone for my jewellery business.

Gisella Boutique set-up business in Peckham in 1991 designing and making couture womenswear and bridal wear and are also stockist of Elisha Francis Jewellery.  They have won many awards for their amazing designs and are a great examples that hard work and determination pays off.

Celebrities from Peckham include actress Linda Henry (Shirley in Eastenders), footballer Rio Ferdinand and Andy McNab former SAS soldier and best-selling author.  

Every cloud has a silver lining but sometimes you have to search for it amongst the mist, I would like to be a good role model for my community and show that against all odds you can strive for success.  No matter where you come from or where you live you can make a positive difference in your community by looking for inspiration, you can become an inspiration.